Cold Brew Double Chocolate Smoothie

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Double Chocolate Cold Brew Smoothie

This week has been quite the week. SO busy at work, late hours, early mornings and lots going on. I accomplished a LOT and feel like I ruled this week, even though it was somewhat stressful and oh-so-busy. That said, it’s Friday and we’ve got smoothie-making to do!

And this smoothie fits the Friday bill perfectly.

This smoothie is divine, just like Fridays should be.

Cold Brew Double Chocolate Smoothie

Rich and creamy, perfectly frosty and loaded with a delicious chocolate flavor. It’s dessert for any meal, less guilt, and more nutrition. Obvi, it’s just great all around.

Infused with cold brew coffee for a hit of caffeine and pure smoothness. Isn’t cold brew coffee always just so smooth?!

Cold Brew Double Chocolate Smoothie

Pull out your blender, frozen goods, crack open your high-quality protein powder, make sure you have enough cold brew, and let’s get whirling!

…then cheers to the weekend ahead!

Cold Brew Double Chocolate Smoothie

Cold Brew Double Chocolate Smoothie

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  1. This is awesome! Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!!

  2. This smoothie should just be called “The Lori” – everything about it reminds me of you!

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