Got a Goal? Why You Need More to Win…

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“It takes really strong emotion to combat strong temptation.”

This was a quote I heard while listening to one of my favorite health-related Podcasts and it instantly stuck around in my head until I decided it had to be written out.

Change really only comes through a rich and powerful desire for change. You can’t half-ass a difficult goal and expect a true change… a true difference. 

The journey to my first figure competition has been filled with so much substance. So much accomplishment.

It’s been an incredible ride.


I’ve learned a ton about myself, peer pressure, temptation, willpower, diet, rest, macro-tracking, how my body reacts with certain foods and how to drop weight almost effortlessly.

I’ve also learned how to be more compassionate… 

In this journey, you have to be selfish and yet, unselfish at the same time. And let me tell you, it’s a hard role to not be selfish in a competition prep.

A figure, bikini, physique, ANY fitness competition journey is hard for many reason but also hard on the loved ones of this training athlete. I haven’t just training to compete, my boyfriend has also been training for me to compete. He has had a huge role in all of this, as do the friends and families behind any competitor. in the kitchen

My boyfriend is subjected to gets to partake my diet; pounds and pounds of chicken breasts, cartons of hard boiled eggs, endless salad greens aaaaaaaaalllllllllll the time. He has to listen to me spend hours talking about my workouts or which figure bikini suit I should purchase, or how hungry I am, how tired I am… He’s there to watch me in hour-long posing sessions, take progress photos, and help me on heavy lifting training days. #trooper

Life has changed during prep for us both. No more nights out at a bar or fancy restaurant. No more weekend trips to Portland to eat our way around the town. No more wine tasting (or opening our wine club bottles… oh how I miss those!). No more Whole Foods donut runs because it’s Saturday and we want one, damnit! #sigh

Paleo Salmon Scramble -

 The boyfriend has to deal with my mood swings, both good and bad days. And deal he does. #noideahow

He is my support system and is a reason I will succeed in my quest to the stage. 

All of these are just a few of the examples of how my man is in this journey with me. And that is the key; he is IN this journey WITH me. (And yes, my wonderful coaches are there for me, too! Without them, I wouldn’t have a clue what I was doing!)

It takes a strong support system to get through the good, bad, great, difficult, fun and not-so-fun times. Going back to the beginning of this post, having a strong desire, strong goal, and strong emotion is the key… but you also need a strong support person or persons to fuel those bad days, those tough days, those doubting days. Inspire Plate

Be honest with that support person or group. You can do this alone but you can do it 10x better with a team, cheering you on and keeping you honest. Find a positive, honest and dedicated coach who has YOUR best interest in mind (not their ego involved). Use social media to connect with others in your network (hobby, sport, mindset) and create a personal connection – this can last a lifetime beyond just training and competing. Establish rules or boundaries in your relationships – make a list of what you are comfortable with for nights or dinners out, your training schedule, and overall expectations in what you need from the other person/people in your life.

Your goals are yours and you have to make them happen but if you have a cheering crowd behind you, you really can do anything.

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