Best Way To Lose Fat & Gain Muscle at the Same Time

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Weight training for fat loss

Want the magic to gaining a body that blasts fat? A super high metabolism? 


What’s cardio?

Let’s hit the weights!

Here is my workout for my 12 week Figure Competition Prep – lift heavy in the 8-12 rep range, keep good great form and bring the intensity!

Whether you’re training for a physique competition or just a rockin’ body, lifting weights will be your number one way to burn fat over time and really sculpt and change your body – plus, it’s an incredible way to feel sexy and powerful.

Lift Weights!


5 Day Split.

Day 1: Chest/Triceps/Biceps
Day 2: Shoulders/Back
Day 3: Legs
Day 4: Chest/Tri’s/Bi’s (repeated day 1)
Day 5: Shoulders/Back (repeated day 2)
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: Rest or abs
Day 8: Legs (repeated day 3)
Day 9: … you get the idea! Keep rotating through in that order!)
The lifts.
These are the exact workouts I did, trying to vary hand grips, standing and sitting, little things each workout to change up the exercise a bit.
8-12 rep range, 4 sets for everything.
Chest/Triceps/Biceps (Variation 1)
  • DB Chest Fly
  • DB Chest press
  • DB pull-over (laying on bench)
  • Push ups
  • Tricep cable pressdown
  • Dips
  • Bicep cable curl (vary cable handle each week)
  • Hammer curls (standing or seated)
Chest/Triceps/Biceps (Variation 2)
  • DB press (laying incline)
  • One arm DB press (incline)
  • Lateral shuffle + push-up burpee
  • One arm cable fly (across body)
  • Tricep dips x4 (assist) 
  • Tricep cable rope press down x4
  • Laying bench crunch bicep curl (arms below + back)
  • Hammer curls
Back/Shoulders (Variation 1)
  • Cable wide lat pull down (kneeling)
  • Laying cable upper back pull
  • Bent over 1 arm DB row
  • Back extensions
  • Seated shoulder DB press
  • Standing DB lateral T-raise
  • Reverse decline seated DB T-raise
  • Upright cable row 
  • Front raise (light weight)
Shoulders/Back (Variation 2)
  • Cable cross pull outs (focus on rear delts)
  • Pull ups (assisted)
  • Seated lat pull down
  • Seated lat row
  • Seated row machine (focus on pulling with elbows up for upper back engagement)
  • Arnold DB shoulder press
  • Side lateral raise
  • Barbell upright row
  • Back extensions
  • Burnout: lateral hold arm circles (10 forward, 10 back w/ light weight) superset side raise/front raise (15 reps)
Legs: High Volume (4 sets for all except those noted)
  • Dead runs (run on treadmill – treadmill off) 45 second superset Jump Lunge (15) into lunge pulse (20)
  • Leg extension (2 sets) (extend & hold, pointing toes) extent for 1 and hold, extend for 2 and hold, 3 and hold… up to 10 and hold (if you can!) – lower quad focus
  • Leg extension (1 set) (extend & hold, flexing feet/toes back) – upper quads and hip extenders focus
  • Leg Press (three ways): feet wide apart (15 reps) to feet close together (15 reps) to feet shoulder width (15 reps) – this will burn!
  • Leg curls superset Good Mornings
  • Walking weighted lunges

Legs: Heavy Weight

  • Smith machine one leg lunge
  • Deadlift
  • Leg Press Single Leg
  • Squats
  • Leg curl
  • Leg extension burnout (try a variation of the above extension exercises)
  • Weighted crunch up and hold (pause at top) x20
  • 21 crunch (v-up to each toe then both) x25
  • Captain’s Chair leg raises and circles
  • Plank with rotation to sky 45 seconds
  • V-ups superset oblique twist (weighted) x20
Abs (Variation 2)
  • Cable crunches (with rope on cable)
  • Scissor kicks 45 seconds
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Weighted
  • Elbow plank on ball (roll up and down, back and forth, circles both ways)


Alright, you have the basics… well, you have the exacts now!

 Leave your questions, comments, concerns, and favorite weight training moves below! I’m always taking ideas. 🙂

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