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Hi everyone!


I do love Fridays. Hope your Thursday night went well. I wanted to recap for everyone my week in exercise land. I am posting what I did in terms of calorie busting sessions just in case you’d like some variety in your exercise regimen. I love variety when it comes to working out and I’ve definitely been making sure I’m mixing up my workouts. And honestly, the P90X program helps out a lot with this. (For any clarification of an exercise, just let me know)

P90X: Chest & Back
Done straight through, then repeated
Standard push-up- 20 regular, 30 total (10 on knees) x 2
Wide front pull-up- using band, 30 x 2
Military push-up- 25 on knees
Reverse grip chin-up using band- 23; 20
Wide fly push-ups- 18 reg, 30 total; 20 reg, 35 total
Closed grip overhand pull-up- 22; 20
Decline push-ups- 17 reg, 30 total x2
Heavy pants- 15 reps @ 15# x 2
Diamond push-ups- 24 on knees x 2
Lawnmowers- 15 reps @ 25# x 2
Dive-bomber push-ups- 7 reg, 20 total; 30 on knees
Back flys- 15 reps @ 10# x 2

P90X: Ab Ripper X
All exercises 25 reps
In & outs
Seated bicycle
Seated bicycle reverse
Seated crunchy frog
Crossed leg/ wide leg sit-up
Fifer scissor
Hip rock ‘n raise
Pulse-ups/ heel-ups
Roll-up/ v-up combo
Oblique v-up
Leg climb
Mason twist- 50 reps
1 hr, 15 min

Power Vinyasa Flow
90 minutes

P90X: Plyometrics 
All done for 30 seconds, 4th move done for 60 seconds.
Jump squat
Run-stance squat
Airborne Heisman
Swing kick
repeat 1-4
Squat reach jump
Run-stance squat switch pick-up
Double airborne Heisman
Circle run
repeat 1-4
Jump knee tuck
Mary Katherine lunge
Leapfrog squat
Twist combo
repeat 1-4
Rock star hop
Gap jump
Squat jacks
Military march
repeat 1-4
Run squat 180 jump switch
Lateral leapfrog squat
Monster truck tires
Hot foot
repeat 1-4
Bonus round, all 60 seconds
Pitch & catch
Jump shot
Football hero
58 min

P90X: Shoulders & Arms
Alternating shoulder press- 15 reps @ 15#
In & out bicep curls- 15 reps @ 15#; 20 reps @ 10#
Two-arm tricep kickbacks- 15 reps @ 10#
Deep swimmer’s press- 15 reps @ 10#
Full supination concentration curls- 15 reps @ 15#
Chair dips- 30 reps
Upright rows- 15 reps @ 15#
Static arm curl- 15 reps @ 15#
Flip-grip twist tricep kickbacks- 18 reps @ 10#
Two-angle shoulder flys- 16 reps @ 10; 20 reps @ 5#
Crouching Cohen curls- 15 reps @ 10#; 18 reps @ 10#
Lying-down tricep extensions- 20 reps @ 10#
Bonus round
In & out straight-arm shoulder flys- 16 reps @ 10#
Congdon curls- 15 reps @ 15#
Side tri-rises- 22 reps

P90X: Ab Ripper X
See above
1 hr, 15 min

P90X: Cardio X
15 minutes Yoga
15 minutes Kenpo (karate/kickboxing)
15 minutes Plyo
15 minutes Core synergistics
60 min

Foundations of Flow/ Vinyasa Yoga
90 minutes

And after all of this exercise, a girl gets huuuuuuuungry!

Last night we had falafels with cabbage salad and tahini sauce. SO GOOD. One of my favorites.
And then with the amazing leftovers, today’s lunch was grand.
Giant salad with tahini dressing
And for dessert, Chocolate Almond Butter Hearts (raw and vegan)!
A mixture of recipes by wonderful Averie with her Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups (her’s looked much better than mine…) and Ani Phyo’s Liquid Chocolate from one of her books.
To make:
Put some almond butter, agave, nutritional yeast, vanilla, and salt into a bowl
Put into a mold of choice, filling mold half way, leaving room for chocolate layer
Melt some cacao butter
Stir in some cacao powder, agave, and vanilla
 Pour over the almond butter layer in the mold
(Hearts! Thanks Ikea!)
Place in fridge or freezer until hard and pop out of mold.
Enjoy. From one heart to another!
Again, happy Friday! Enjoy your night!
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