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Although, today is officially Earth Day, really, everyday should be Earth Day. And even though today is the last day to get your Green Week Challenges submitted, try to do your part when you can. Every little bit helps and a little does go a long way.

Did you know Earth Day is 40 yrs old this year? It has a birthday…(?)!

To get you going on the start of your Earth Day celebration (why not, right?) here are some Earth Day deals and freebies from various businesses (that my boyfriend found and forwarded to me! He’s playing too!).
Yahoo Earth Day Freebies
Some of the deals (and personal favorites) include:

  • Gain free admission into all 392 U.S. national parks now through Sunday, April 25 (I WILL be there Saturday!)
  • Get a chance to win a $20,000 green home makeover by registering on the Purex website by April 30. 
  • Sign up for the Drive Home Green sweepstakes on Target‘s website through the end of the month. The grand prize is a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. You could also win bicycles, electric scooters, a national park trip, and other prizes.
  • Add a green pledge to the Sierra Club’s Earth Day map for a chance to win a trip for two to Hawaii.

Pretty nice deals.

Katie even posted some interesting facts about Earth Day.

Bitt also did a whole post of her Green Week Challenges for Earth Day! She did a lot of challenges.

Katrina of Katrina Runs blogged about the challenge and so did saRAW. Thanks girls!

And this fabulous Dairy Free Fit lady also dedicated a post to the challenge. Check out her great post here!

Gabi has been a busy little woman doing her green part. In fact, she did almost every challenge and sent pictures to prove it! Way to go!

She made her own cleaner!
And then cleaned! (cute little towel)
She walks (or takes public transit) every day to all of her locations!
She also lives in England where public transit is a bit better, but she is definitely helping the environment out!
She donated clothes to a local clothes drive.
And became one with nature.
She did every single challenge, minus four of them.
Wow. Way to go! Love the participation!
She even wrote me a little email:
“Hope you had a lot of participants be good to the Earth, like a mother it’s the only ONE we got.”

You know what, you are right. Thank you!

(and happy almost Mother’s Day <–don’t forget your presents)

Read here about some others that have been participating in Green Weeks.

Don’t forget about the P R I Z E S for the two top challenge doers!

For me, doing my part, I have been washing loads of clothes in cold water, hanging most clothes to dry, stopping the dishwasher at the “dry” cycle and air drying them, making veggie dishes, daily green smoothies, we only use cloth napkins, so that’s in, the boyfriend even bough grass fed/farm raised chicken for himself last night! Now that is saying something. Aside from that we usually bring our own bags to the store, use Sigg bottles, ONLY use glass or plastic food containers-reuse right?, and many more. It’s fun, it usually saves money, and it helps the Earth and all of us on it.

I’m so happy that so many people have participated in Green Weeks (even though it’s still not over!) and that most of us do these things on a daily basis! Keep up the great work!

On a food note, check out what the boyfriend made for us…

The Sustainable Stuffed Pepper
all organic ingredients and the most amazingly delicious stuffed pepper I have ever had.
He even made mine special to include only goat cheese, meatless, and gluten free.
What a guy.
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  1. Wonderful Earth Day post:) I had no idea that Earth Day had a birthday either!

    You'll have to thank your boyfriend for us readers for finding/sharing the free giveaways and the awesome eats!


  2. Great Earth Day post! So nice to see someone devoting time to such an important holiday :).

  3. those stuffed peppers….oooooh yum!

    i posted again today about the challenge and my things i did
    i only have today's post and the one previous post for my entries. not sure if you need em emailed or not, but just lmk 🙂

    you and katie did such an awesome job on this…..way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I wish I could say I've done a lot of good green things today, but I've just been sitting at my computer working all day. I guess that means I haven't driven anywhere at least.

    Oh and I decided to eat vegan for the day. I was going to have a green smoothie but it is SNOWING right now (a lot actually), and I am freezing!!! I'm drinking lots of organic tea though! And I've been doing all kinds of Earth Day research for teaching tomorrow.

  5. That stuffed pepper looks amazing! My BF loves stuffed peppers so that would be right up is ally 😉 We have been trying to be more green all the time and since my BF is an environmental degree graduate we are always thinking of ways to be more green.

  6. Yum, that stuffed pepper looks delicious…can you include the recipe in one of your next posts?

    So far today I've walked to the post office instead of driving, planted my seed starters, and washed out about 10 ziploc bags so I can reuse them!

    By the way, I finally got to watch Food, Inc. last night on PBS…wow. It has me motivated to eat even more healthy, and do everything I can to make this planet better:)

  7. thanks for the earth day links. i love that we have a day dedicated to giving our planet some love and i hope that it will help more people become aware of protecting it and celebrating every day. your stuffed peppers look sooo good! could you please send me the recipe if you know what is was? other than thegoat cheese, i'm in!

    thanks for your well-wishes to J. he reads my blog and was so excited to see that there are others supporting him. it's a big change, but i'm already seeing a positive difference in the way he looks and feels.

    have a lovely day!

    p.s. i LOVE puffins so we definitely share that. i just recently saw that they are only sweetened by molasses. i'm pretty sure they're one of the only companies that can say that. wahoo!

  8. thanks for the mention. getting your man involved too, huh? my hubby is doing the laundry as I type. 🙂

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