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I’m a little apprehensive on posting this but I’m going to do it anyway. Lately, I haven’t talked much about exercise or working out, mostly because I don’t have pictures to accompany the topic. But today I do.

Most of you already know that I love exercise. I love every single component of it. With those around me, I talk constantly about what my morning workout entailed, what I will be exercising tomorrow, how much weight I lifted, how great my workout was, new exercises I have found, etc. (Wow, I sound a little self absorbed, don’t I?) Some people even say I’m a bit obsessed, and I am, but in a good way, or at least a better way than I used to be.

Exercise. How else can you actually mold and shape your body? How else can you push your limits, physically and mentally? How else can you get high off of endorphins (um… the healthy way)? Exercise, my friends, exercise.

I’ll take exercise in any form. Long ago (about 6 months ago) I was the cardio queen; And I ran a marathon. I did P90X and got into mixed martial arts. Then CrossFit started a new obsession. Weight lifting is now my thing and I adore it. I even learned to love NOT slaving away to cardio. And it’s grand.

In my personal exercise journey I have read soooooooooo much information on fitness and nutrition. But when someone tells a cardio junkie that they will probably not lose the body fat they’d like to, and probably not gain muscle by running, that just does not register.

That is, until that junkie finds a new fix: weight training.

And after a few months, they (I) see a difference. Well, here is my difference:

September 2010: After CrossFit for 2 months
December 2010: After CrossFit AND heavy lifting

Besides the fact that I lost my tan, and these are probably the worse before and after pictures ever taken, I did lose some roundness since September and gained some muscle. Granted, before September I had been doing CrossFit for 2 months, and before that, I had virtually no muscle at all, even after doing P90X.

I plan on keeping up with my weight lifting routine (which I will talk about in another post) and seeing how much I really can change my body. I love the super cut look and right now I’m working on bulking a little. I know, I know, “chicks shouldn’t be buff”… screw you, I like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I can do SO much more physically than I have ever be able to. Like this weekend, I was challenged by my boyfriend to do 50 push-ups in a row. I took on the challenge and busted out REAL push-ups, 50 to be exact, no problem. A few months ago, I never would have been able to do that. It felt pretty awesome, too.

So, after saying goodbye to 2010, I’m saying hello to Muscles for 2011. I can’t wait to see where the weight training and heavy lifts take me.

What did you gain in 2010 or hope to gain in 2011?

What is something that you have been told to be untrue? For me, the cardio queen, I now know that cardio isn’t necessarily going to get me those sleek, sexy, cut arms and legs I desire…

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  1. You look fantastic in both pictures! I love the excitement in your words and feel motivated just reading them!

    I just got back from my third spin class (ever) and am really enjoying it for something different. Yes, it is cardio, but I love the sweat and heart-pumping! I plan to try Bikram yoga this year (thanks to a great Groupon) and run a 5K. I’ll also chase kids, lift countless grocery bags/diaper bags and have numerous playground workouts. ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Michelle@ Housewife in the Raw´s last blog ..Rotten Apple No More =-.

  2. Nothing wrong with being a little obsessed! I live and breathe powerlifting, so I know where you’re coming from, haha!

    You’ve got a killer back girlie, keep up the awesome work. I look forward to seeing more of your progress!
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..This isโ€ฆ Another Reason Why Youโ€™re Fat =-.

  3. Damn girl!!! Love the muscle action!! So glad to see your major accomplishments and excited to see where you go this year. We have noticed improvements in our bodies too with more strength training exercises. We plan to push ourselves even harder this year ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. giiiirl look at them arms! congratulations, what an accomplishment! you have no reason to be apprehensive about posting this, either. i have NO idea about weight training or where to start but i’ve always been a little interested. i think i’m just a little afraid of going into a gym a) alone and b) without knowledge of what to do!

    what gym do you go to?! i know we’re in the same area and since i’m out of school, i no longer have access to a (free) gym. i need some suggestions :)!
    .-= zoe (and the beatles)´s last blog ..catching my zโ€™s =-.

  5. I absolutely LOVE weight lifting and how “quickly” it can change body composition!
    It gives us women such great shape AND strength.
    You look awesome.
    50 pushups in a row. wow. just wow. i’m SERIOUSLY impressed!
    .-= Heather (Perspective Is Everything)´s last blog ..Beans-Greens-and Fun Food Finds =-.

  6. Wow! I think your before and after pics are so impressive! I hope all this protein I’m eating helps me get better results on P90X than it sounds like you did =/ We’ll see. Either way, I hope I can have arms like yours someday!
    .-= Amber Shea @Almost Vegan´s last blog ..Vegan cookies and P90X =-.

  7. You do look awesome: good in the first pic and better in the second. I’m excited for you that you are passionate about this and are pursuing it.

    I’m reading everywhere that cardio isn’t the best way to get cut, and can do longterm metabolic damage. I’m sure it’s all about balance.

    Balance is probably a watchword for me in 2011 too. I’m glad that I can do so much more exercise now. But finding a balance between doing that without burning out (eg trying to keep up with my husband!) and getting good solid time in to focus on my writing.

    .-= Ela´s last blog ..Intentions for Life- Blogging and Everything 2011 =-.

  8. i’d be curious to hear your take on how to increase weights. i’ve been lifting the same amount for a bit now and know i should increase. i think i just have a mental block about doing so. do you add more weight frequently? how do you know when it is time to do so?

    i am checking out your skin care products after i post this. kind of forgot that was your thing. any tips for acne busting would be appreciated!
    .-= kate´s last blog ..Acne Busting Eats =-.

  9. amazing! what a great and inspiring post!!! i want to be able to do lots of push ups like that.. im pretty weak right now! keep posting about exercise/strength stuff =)

    i gained a lot of new experiences in 2010… lots of traveling… i hope to gain more peace in 2011
    .-= Natalie @ cinnamon bums´s last blog ..FINALLY HOME!!!! =-.

  10. Yeah, I’m a bit obsessed with exercise too, but that’s a good thing for me. Wow, what a difference with weight training! That of my goals for the new year to increase my upper body strength just to feel stronger. In 2011, I gained a running addiction and will probably add a yoga addiction for 2011.

  11. Girl you can be MY trainer anyday!! Hot mama! I hope to gain a better understanding of what my body needs this year. I really havent figured out my diet, and I would like to so that I can supply my body with what it needs to keep it going! I want to keep training hard but want to make sure that I am not abusing my body at the same time
    .-= Kat´s last blog ..Tag! Youre It!! =-.

  12. Your before & afters look great and I can totally tell a difference!

    I’ve totally switched to a lifting program. I’m doing P90X again, but modified. The only days I’m actually following are the weight days (good for at home structure), and on the Legs & Back which you pretty much do ever week, I’m switching the legs to heavy lifting rather than the low weight high reps they do.

    I actually noticed a huge difference with P90X and muscle gain, but that might be because I followed the (initial) diet too. As far as cardio, I’m not doing much of it anymore specifically, but do a lot of walking, some skiing, and mix-in some cardio-like activities.
    .-= Alisa Fleming´s last blog ..Slightly Spicy Tofu-Avocado Sushi Rolls =-.

  13. Woo hoo, that’s hot!! You go girl!
    .-= Christin@purplebirdblog´s last blog ..FF- 3 years =-.

  14. Those are some pipes! 50 pushups?!?! Hot damn girl. I don’t think I could do that. Nope, wait, I KNOW I can’t do that.

    Lifting weights is such a better stress relief than cardio, too. I love it. Just did legs today and left feeling shaky with a HUGE grin.
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Sheโ€™s craftyโ€ฆ =-.

  15. Okay girl…you look awesome!! In fact awesome doesn’t cut it!!

    Teach me how to do 50 pushups…they are a weakness for me!!

    I hope to gain more strength and have more defined muscles in 2011. I would also like to be able to do a chin up and pull up unassisted!
    .-= melissa´s last blog ..Big Day =-.

  16. thanks for sharing, you look awesome! I have been getting away from so much cardio and into more weights so this is great to see.

  17. Lori! I am SO wanting to do a post like this…but I want to make my final decision to stop Body Pump and do my own weight lifting…HEAVY weight lifting! (bfl style, specifically). What is your weight routine? I have noticed that with Body Pump I am not really getting that much stronger. I mean, I do go up in weights little by little, but I don’t see my muscles getting better toned. They are kind of disappearing, especially in my arms, and even in my legs (which, I thought would never happen… I have some pretty muscular legs!). ๐Ÿ™

    The only difficult part about making the switch is..well, two things. First and foremost, it’s sad to stop Body Pump. At my gym I have made some great acquaintances with people, especially the instructors. So, it’s sad to see that go. I will still continue doing core and spin class, though, so I guess all won’t be lost.

    Second, I need more help with weight training on my own. In Body Pump it’s all laid out for you. The music matches the moves and it all just flows so well. I am going to be making my workouts and deciding which music to put onto my ipod. it will take more prep work, but i think it will be worth it. I did some free weights on my own for a couple of months, but it dwindled down and I went back to pump. This time, I really want to stick with it so that i can see some changes in my physique! I am following the Body for Life eating plan, so I am going to follow the weight plan as well. If I don’t see much change, I may switch the weight routine around a bit. Do you have any tips or advice on this for me? If so, it would be greatly appreciated!

    Love ya! ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..where did the week go =-.

  18. dang! you look awesome! i think those are pretty bad ass before & after pics! ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= christina´s last blog ..Four Things for Friday! =-.

  19. this is awesome. I love those lats! So strong and so sexy! Weight training does help gain confidence as well. I hope to gain more muscle and more strength in 2011. Its all about how we live now.
    .-= Lindsay Cotter´s last blog ..Sunshine during the Rain =-.

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