Sexy California Mud Pie (Raw, Paleo, and Indulgent)

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Another weekend has come and went and we’re back at the beginning of the week. Happy Monday! I have to admit, starting my day with a session at the gym just puts me into a fantastic mood. Exercise is wonderful and those little endorphins that follow a hard workout are just what a Monday requires.

So, I have a truly huge backlog of recipes/photos to post and I’m trying to get through all of them… and then I make another recipe that outdoes the previous. Then I end up digging myself back in the hole with all the recipes that I haven’t yet posted. I’ll get there…. eventually.

Today I’ve got a recipe for Sexy California Mud Pie. Delicious, vegan, uncooked, nutritious, easy, filling, decadent, yummy, the list could just go on and on.

This was created on a whim… and a craving… and the results could not have turned out better.



Heaven in a walnut crust.

What a way to start a weekday. Unsinful Mud Pie!

Want a bite?

Question of the Day:

What are 3 things that today (or the weekend) has taught you that you can improve on tomorrow?

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  1. Oh my gosh, yum. Crazy-awesome pics, too. I love that you made it in a little tart shell!

  2. Oh, and where the heck do you get an avocado with 1 cup of flesh??!! The max I get out of large avocados when smooshed and packed is 1/4 cup!

  3. That looks like an excellent breakfast! Hmm, I may have to try something like this. Though my tummy can’t handle beets in the morning (or often), but this just looks too good to pass up!

  4. This looks amazing!! And has such good ingredients too. Sometimes I think raw desserts are my favorite!

  5. Looks sooo NICE – surely up for testning in near future…:-))
    Loove your blog – thanks for sharing wonderfull recipies.

  6. Raw desserts dont usually appeal to me but this looks really good. I am sure if I actually made/ordered one, I wold enjoy it. My sweet tooth is verryyy forgiving.
    I learned this weekend that I need to limit myself to going out 2x a week, I learned today that I need to be doing more school work every single day and that I need to get a tutor for my lab. Sigh.

  7. I had my first raw dessert last week and it was so good!! i’m not sure i could craft one BUT if i ever get ballsy…im DEF trying this

  8. I don’t have any lacuma, but I think I could improvise. I’ve also never sprouted buckwheat. Is it hard? I may just use soaked and dehydrated buckwheat. Otherwise, I am all over this recipe this week. I can always use a new dessert in my life.

  9. That looks so good!! YUM! Between you and Katie I am going to be well fed on our Grand Canyon trip!! 🙂

  10. Oh my gosh, you read my mind! I’ve been totally creating raw dessert recipes involving cooked root veggies (and wondering what category they fall into, since they aren’t ‘raw’ but the rest of the dessert is)–and here you are doing it too! I love this kind of serendipity!

    And of course, it sounds delectable.
    Three things? Got a late start, can do better tomorrow but forgive myself today.
    We’ve had two inches of snow this morning and it’s still coming down, so we were overoptimistic preparing our garden beds!
    And–I’m working a little bit on my humor writing, and there’s nothing like a series of mishaps to stir that pot (I should get a post up later today).

  11. i think raw pies taste better than real pies. So Geat recipe. What can I improve on? well, the list might too long. hehe.

  12. Oh my lanta. I truly love to hate you. Wait, does that make sense? Lol I mean that I hate that you make such wonderous creations that tempt me but I love them so much as well!! Love this raw pie so so much. I need a stinkin small tart pan!!

  13. Things I’ve learned:

    1. I need to make that pie. [My roommate recently celebrated a birthday and I still owe her a vegan birthday treat.]

    2. The way you approach the day really affects how it will go. Stay positive. [But if you need your coffee, that’s OK.]

    3. It’s OK to need a little “me” time. 🙂

  14. You are truly a culinary genius! How do all of your creations come out so great????

    Things I learned this weekend…..

    -Check the weather and highway reports before embarking on a four-hour roadtrip. If you don’t check and just assume, an entire passage of the highway will be closed and piled with snow.

    -It’s good to be open to trying new foods! I need to step out of my comfort zone more often 🙂

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