Can a burger really be this good? Simply The BEST Paleo Burgers Ever.

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Best ever Paleo Burgers

Yes. The answer is yes. A burger really can be this good…

Burgers are the best things since sliced white bread. 

Sliced white bread?! Um… no…

Burgers are the best thing since Almond Butter & Jelly.

Yeah! There we go…

Best ever Paleo Burgers

Whether or not almond butter, jelly and burgers have anything to do with each other, these burgers are literally the best burgers on the planet. 

No joke!

When you mix together high quality meats, loads of fresh herbs and spices, sear it all on high heat to caramelize the heck out of it then layer everything with smashed avocado… my friends, that’s called the best thing on the planet.

I’m sure Reddit would agree…

Best ever Paleo Burgers

But of course, like all things in life, don’t just take my word for it. Make these!

These burgers are incredibly moist and rich and complex in flavor. Why? You can use any ground meat of choice in a burger but when you mix together lamb and beef something magical happens. Lamb has a grassy and fresh taste, much like other wild meats should. It is stronger in flavor and is sometimes an acquired taste. Adding lamb and beef together mellows the lamb, adds a bit more texture and creates a beautiful burger one cooked.

Best ever Paleo Burgers with avocado

Another secret to these fantastic burgers is the fresh herb, parsley. While you can sub any fresh herb in this burger, the parsley marries so well with the lamb. Cilantro or also adding a sprig of fresh mint would be more amazing herbs to try.

Lastly, my favorite secret ingredient is Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and soy sauce (or wheat-free Tamari). Bragg’s, a naturally occurring liquid plant protein, is essentially amino acids in liquid form. And it’s amazing. It’s smokey, salty, and incredibly flavorful – but a little goes a long way. 

This really adds depth and flavor to the complex flavors of lamb and beef – or any meat of choice. If you don’t have Bragg’s Liquid Aminos or can’t find it, feel free to sub more soy sauce. 

A burger really can be this good! Simply The BEST Paleo Burgers Ever. [tweet this]

Best ever Paleo Burgers with avocado

Best ever Paleo Burgers with avocado

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  1. OMG – I need to make these! And yes, yes, yes on the worcestershire. I still remember a friend in high school used this as a “secret ingredient” in burgers and it was AMAZING! And with the added spices – yum!

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