Oven-Roasted Garlic Dijon Salmon

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Dijon Garlic Marinaded Salmon from WhatRunsLori.com

If you didn’t see this one on Instagram and just seeing this for the first time, get ready for a recipe to rock your world.

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Dijon Garlic Marinaded Salmon from WhatRunsLori.com

I always crave salmon so I’m constantly on the hunt for new and fun ways to make it. I’ve tried so many different versions of baked salmon but this one comes up as a winner each and every time.

This Perfect Oven-Roasted Dijon Salmon was one of the BEST salmon dishes… any dish(!) that I’ve ever made. Succulent, rich and tangy, and loaded with all of those juicy omega fatty acids.

And easy.

Dijon Garlic Marinaded Salmon from WhatRunsLori.com

Just make sure you get a quality cut of fish. I purchase most of my meats at Whole Foods and trust that I’m getting a high quality cut of fish. 

Yes, Whole Foods is expensive. I know this, you know this, and yet, they’re still in business. That said, I love Whole Foods and I’ll pay the price for quality meats, fresh produce and better coffee beans. And I love their seafood. And no, you do not need to purchase the most expensive fish out there. I usually get whatever is on sale and for salmon, I get farmed raised from Canada or Norway because I trust these places and I do not want to spend $29/pound on 4 pounds of salmon. 


For the juiciest and best outcome, use salmon steaks that have much more fat marbling. Fat = flavor and this dish screams flavor.

Dijon Garlic Marinaded Salmon from WhatRunsLori.com

I’ve made this recipe many times and usually double the marinade and the amount of fish so I can enjoy all the delicious leftovers. For this recipe it does serve two people well and can be baked, pan fried or skewered and grilled (as you can see above)!

The easiest way to prepare this is to bake it. Remove the skin carefully, slice salmon into large cubes, place into a glass baking dish with the marinade ingredients and toss. Let time work it’s magic and bake. Trust me, easy can mean incredible!

This amazing recipes was inspired by Natasha’s Kitchen’s skewered salmon recipe. Thank you, Natasha!

Dijon Garlic Marinaded Salmon from WhatRunsLori.com

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