Low & Slow Southern Italian-Style Pork

Whew! What a week! I completely planned on posting this recipe 2 days ago- however, I’ve been SO busy that that turned out to not be possible. Sooooo, Friday is better than never! Anyone else have a super busy week??

Alton Brown, the Good Eats guy, has been an influence in my cooking life for a few years now. He’s creative, funny, and incredibly knowledgeable on the science of food and cooking. Most of the time his shows focus around a certain type of food or cooking or preparation process and he goes into great detail, in a fun and understandable way, on how and why foods are prepared, cooked, put together- all in certain ways. Sounds nerdy and it is, but in a fun way.

One of the sciencey things that Alton has taught me is that low and slow is the way to go. And it’s true! Cooking foods at lower temperatures for longer periods of time helps the cells break down and become uber soft, and create a melding of flavors that can be out of this world!

Although, as much as I love Alton Brown, that’s not really what, or who, I’m talking about today. Today we’re talking about Low & Slow Southern Italian-Style Pork and Rachael Ray.



So, this is truly a *Must Try* dish, as it is SO good. Super tender meat, wonderful, tangy flavor, and filled with fresh hints of spices, (wine), and lemon. The little fennel frons really make the whole dish pop.

I’m a huge fan of what I call, Melty Veggies, where they become soft and injected with flavor. The large chunks of onions and fennel are delicious! So yeah, try it!