7 Reasons Portland Might Steal My Heart

I’m going to Portland!

…and I’m so excited!!!!

(Updated to include my first Portland Food Review!)

My birthday is this Friday, November 13th and I’m a lucky girl who gets to spend it with her amazing boyfriend in coffeeandfoodobsessed Portland. I cannot express how excited I am to visit this town for the first time! 


Why Portland? Well, for starters, I may or may not be obsessed with the (so-they-say) accuracy of Portlandia. The city is known for its bicycle-rights(!), many beautiful parks, active drawbridges, eco-friendliness, plethora of some-of-the-best coffeehouses (ever), and the outstanding amount of really, REALLY good restaurants. 

Portland also has the most breweries per capita than any other state. This is pretty damn cool if you ask me. So many passionate people doing what they love to produce locally grown hops and makin’ beer. It just speaks dedication and community to me.

Also, I may or may not have been researching places to eat at, things to do, coffees to drink, doughnuts to devour(!!!) for the last month… or two… in anticipation for this birthday trip and first time visit to Portland. 

My wishlist of top 7 awesome places I want to visit in Portland this week! (all photos from Yelp!)

Veritable Quandary Portland

1. Veritabe Quandary | Maybe it’s just hype or maybe it’s fact, but this restaurant is one of the highest rated dining establishments in the Portland area. Chefs rave about this place and from all the photos I’ve seen, they have valid reason!


tasty n alder plate

2. Tasty n Alder | Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks…!! This place has so many unique and tasty dishes to offer for any time of day.



3. Hammer & Vine | Succulents, air plants, home decor, and local jewelry = Lori’s Heaven. (Note: I am obsessed with plants. My deck and house is a jungle.)


Cultured Caveman PDX

4. Cultured Caveman | Because the above photos is featuring a bowl of Bacon Almond Dates and Chicken & Broccoli Ranch Wraps. All Paleo. Enough said.



5. Multnomah Falls | You can’t actually go to Portland and not see the states’ tallest waterfall (second tallest year-round waterfall in the US!). This incredible site also includes a small hike up to the 1914 Benson Bridge to view the second tier of falls. Totally awesome.


harvest at the bindery

6. Harvest at the Bindery | Everything. Looks. So. Good! This gluten-free establishment boasts vegetable-heavy dishes that just look and sound incredibly decadent and fresh!


Back to Eden Cupcakes

7. Bake to Eden Bakery | Gluten-free and vegan bakery that’s loaded with fresh and tasty organic, house-made and ever-changing flavors of cakes, cookies, muffins, scones, pies, tarts and more! Go Dairy Free even notes itSide note, I LOVE CUPCAKES. They’re just adorable.


Picking just 7 to put up on this blog was difficult but this is my highly punctuated list compared to all of the places I want to go and will go. This doesn’t even include all of the hundreds of coffee shops and doughnut establishments I need to check out. OR hiking around Mount Hood, seeing the many other gorgeous falls, and exploring the city overlooks.

Taking full advantage of Yelp, I have over 60 bookmarks of places I want to visit/see/do in this outlandish city. There’s never enough time in the day… 😉

Have you been to Portland? Do you live in Portland? What are your favorite anythings?!

Stay tuned to find out what happened during my trip! 

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