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What’s Running Lori: Raw Kale Salad

I’m currently lovin’ on kale. Kale salads just make my day. Sadly, yes a salad just makes my day. Loaded with plant protein, full of zesty, mouthwatering flavor, and spiked with nutrients, welcome a little kale into your life. Trust me, it’ll make you feel 

What Ran Lori and The Blogger Meetup

What run Lori this weekend? Gosh, so much! Literally and figuratively. Let me count the ways… Team In Training 8 mile run on Saturday. Yippie! It was actually a pretty good run. We met in Santa Cruz, CA and ran through a few residential streets 


Happy happy Monday (hopefully it’s happy)!! Wanna know what I did this weekend?? Cause I want to know what you did this weekend, but only after I tell you my story, first.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰ This weekend the adopted (boyfriend’s) family and I went to the Fireman’s