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Well, I understand it has been a few days since I’ve posted but I’ve been super busy… and not just with Green Week Challenges… I have some revealing to do tomorrow, Wednesday, Hump Day, but until then, here is what I have been up to…

Besides my six days a week (plus an extra double day on Wednesday nights) at the gym, I’ve been eating. I love food, by the way. And since I had a lot of ‘me time‘ this weekend (I seriously love this post… I’m not sure why) I decided to treat myself to some raw food from Cafe Gratitude. Can anyone else tell that I like their food?

Macrobiotic Bowl
Raw German Chocolate Layered Cake
Some kind of spicy chocolate fudge thing…
And then I did a little grocery shopping while at Whole Foods (where the Cafe is located).
And don’t worry (cause I know you were), I brought my own bags for Green Week Challenges!
That’s me, sportin’ some Earth lovin’
Since those were my lunch items, I wanted to share my breakfast from Sunday morning.
 Teeccino Herbal Coffee
with a new items for me, So Delicious Coconut Creamer
Non-Dairy Goodness.
…Followed by…
A Straw-Mulberry Shake
Strawberries, mulberries, a splash of Coconut Creamer, water, one packet of Whole Food Smoothie Infusion (pretty good stuff), a few drops of Stevia, and ice (and maybe a dash of yacon syrup).
Blended goodness.
And another new item that I made:
In The Kind Diet, Alicia Silverstone shares a few recipes using Mochi.
Mochi sounded pretty interesting to me, so I made mine, baked, with sea salt and cinnamon.
And then I dipped ’em in maple syrup.
This is a must try. SO easy and SO good.
My Gigantic Breakfast of Champions
I was definitely full.
So, those were my eats for the weekend. Again, if you haven’t hear yet (are you living under a rock?!) get your Green Day Challenges going, submitted, and posting! Share the knowledge of this great week of challenges. Love the Earth one canvas bag at a time, folks!
And come back tomorrow for some extra exciting news…
What are you waiting for?! Spread this around! Facebook it! Twitter it! Blog it!
There are prizes to be won, people!
[a href=””][img src=”” /]
(just change the ] and [ with > and < when posting)
Are you?
Katie is (Duh, she’s my partner in crime!)
Shannonmarie is (with all of her amazing cupcakes… and Ellen…)
Averie might not be posting about the Green Week Challenge yet, but she will be. And for now, she’s posting about a chocolate giveaway! Go enter (or not, so I can win)!
What can you do to help the Earth this week?
What can you do to enjoy your life just a bit more today?
What do you love about you???
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