Indecisions and Workout Wonders

Day two of the ongoing Blogiversary Giveaway! Loved your alliterations yesterday! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, get over to yesterday‘s post and find out!

So, onto the day’s post. Let’s start with a product review. So, as you read (or will read) about yesterday, I have a nice little gift card to use at any of‘s 200+ sites (score!). What shall I get? I would love an ice cream maker so I could make some crazy delicious, unique and weird recipes, all gluten free and raw. I could use the fresh, wonderful ice cream in my morning green smoothies. I could create gelato and maybe a sorbet or two. Oh the endless possibilities of ice creamy goodness.

Or, I have always wanted a spiralizer. To get my zucchini is nice little ringlets of faux pasta perfection, or the need-to-try crispy goodness of sweet potato curly fries, either would be requiring the help of the aforementioned kitchen gadget. Averie displays both so well and the Pure2Raw twins make some great dishes, too. Sigh. What shall I do? Any suggestions or thoughts on the two choices???? I need your help people. I’m not one with decision-making. You could say that I’m a bit indecisive (at everything).

Moving on. How has everyone’s exercising been going? It’s warm out, I know you’re kicking up your cardio and strength session… right? Well, let’s just say, if you haven’t then the sunny days are just asking you to try out something new. Go for a hike, a walk, a run. Try out a new class at the gym or pop in a P90X or Insanity DVD! You’ll be incredibly glad you did. Mixing things up in the exercise department is exactly what we all need to stay motivated and keep things fun.

My week’s current routine:

Monday: CrossFit Presses

Strict Press (finding max)
1 rep x 5 sets (65#)
Push Press (find max)
1 rep x 5 sets (80#)

(4 rounds)
200 meter run
5 cleans (65#)
Max Burpees in 2 1/2 minutes total
1 minute rest

(let me explain this one… we had 2 1/2 minutes to do a 200 m run, 5 cleans, and the rest of the 2 1/2 minutes we had to do as many burpees as possible. THEN finally a 1 minute rest, repeating that 4 times total.)

My total burees: 20, 19, 16, 20

Tuesday: P90X Shoulders & Arms

Ah, how I’ve missed thee, Tony. This workout was great, as it’s been about a month since I’d done it. I increased a few of the weights, so that’s great to see happen. CrossFit may actually be working! 😉

Wednesday: CrossFit Front Squat

Front Squat (increasing weights with each new set)
3 reps x 5 sets
(I maxed out at 85#… I felt like a weakling with all the dudes’ bars loaded with 25 lb and 45 lb plates!)

21 Kettle Bell (KB) Swings (16#)
21 Pull-up (ug, assisted)
21 Box Jumps (20″)
100 meter run
15 KB Swings
15 Pull-ups
15 Box Jumps
200 meter run
9 KB Swings
9 Pull-ups
9 Box Jumps
400 meter run

My time: 9:54

Wow, what a workout!

Thursday: PM Team In Training Track Run

Friday: More CrossFit fun!!

Saturday: Even more CrossFit fun
, maybe a short run, why not?!

I think I may be addicted to CrossFit. Although I do tend to get a bit… um… obsessive with my exercises, I really do enjoy CrossFit. I’m even trying to get Katie to try it! (And I think I’ve finally cracked her! Mwaaaah ha ha! *evil laugh*) At least I’m getting stronger. I’m upping my weights, slowly but surely. And today a friend commented on how my arms looked “buffer” than the last time he saw me. I’ll take whatever I can get in the exercise department!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some rockin’ (good but kinda strange) Paleo friendly eats! And don’t forget to enter my Blogirthday/Blogiversary Celebration Giveaway!!! Click here!

Questions Of the Day:

1. Are you an indecisive person? Or do you know what you want, when you want it? If you just can’t make decisions (like me), what are your tips for combating that?

2. What new exercise activity will you be trying out this week(end)???