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Life is full of ups and downs. It’s full of highs and lows. And it’s definitely full of good days and bad ones. Today has been a very, very good day.

Let me walk you through my morning, as this is where most of the ‘very good’ comes in (this portion of the post was idea’ed from Burp and Slurp’s incredibly entertaining day).

6:17 am: Alarm goes off. Hit snooze once then decide I should just get my ass out of bed.

6:45 am: With 150 lbs gym bag (joke.. sort of) one one shoulder, my lunch, green smoothie, and personal training study books in another bag and shoulder, head out the door.

6:50 am: Get to highway from house and there is an accident. Stupidly “take the chance” of taking the highway, instead of the long, scenic route. Start my 15 mile journey to the gym at 5 mph.

7:00 am: Accident was 100 yards away and passed with ease! Back to 55 mph driving.

7:15 am: Arrive at gym and start workout.

7:30(ish) am: In between alternating sets of chin-ups (barely assisted *ahem*) and front squats with a push-press, an older gentlemen approaches me. “I have to say, you look amazing! Your form, your muscles, great work! It’s like being revived with oxygen- you are inspiring- for all of us!”

7:32 am: Wow. “Thank you! I try!” to older man *blush*

8:40 am: Done working out, showered, and leaving the gym, I head to Whole Foods for a rice milk latte (mmmmmm). Driving I see Santa and Mrs. Claus! They were driving in the car ahead of me- all decked out in their red and white. I tried to snap a picture without being creeps but that didn’t work out.

8:50 am: At Whole Foods, waiting for hot-‘n-delicious latte. Bakery department is training 2 new employees and letting them sample their vegan donuts… I jokingly ask if their giving away free samples. Ask and thy shall receive is my new moto- scored a free vegan coconut laced donut.

9:00 am: Arrived at work just in time.

So, that was my morning. Thanks for following along. Like you had a choice. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, today has been one of those high mornings. (on a side note, I don’t smoke, anything. I don’t judge anyone who does, it’s just not my cup of rice milk latte, ya know… so don’t get the wrong idea with some of my post titles)

Working out definitely enhances the high though. In the gym, I aim at pushing myself hard. I want progress and I utterly enjoy the high that I get from my workouts. And this week is week 1 of my new routine, Rachel Cosgrove’s workout, from her book, The Female Body Breakthrough. (I keep changing my mind on workouts. Katie, stop rolling your eyes.)

Cosgrove’s workout plan is a 16-week, progressive workout. I started at week 9 since (like another fit chick) I have been doing most of the lifts already, and working out for quite a few years. So far, I LOVE it. And I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to sit down, stand up, or move without wincing for the next few days. I continually feel like an idiot with some moves and then a badass with others (read that post and watch the videos she made, they’re hilarious!). Like today, with the older man telling me how great I looked. He wasn’t being creepy, just giving me a solid compliment, which I totally appreciated hearing!

So, you’ll be getting feedback and my personal opinion on the Female Body Breakthrough workouts periodically, as I get more into the program. I just wish I had a gym buddy or two. πŸ™

I’m making a promise right now, to all of you, there will be before and afters. As scary for me to display them, and for you to have to look at them, I’m doing it. And I’m learning to unlove cardio. It’s wonderful!

What aspect of your life do you say is not working?

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  1. What a fabulous morning, that’s great! The admiration is well deserved lady, you are in awesome shape!

    My organization is not working. I feel totally overwhelmed. While I don’t want to fall victim to the whole New Year’s resolution pump and dump thing, something has got to change here in the New Year. Most wouldn’t consider my world unorganized but I feel completely bombarded (would prefer sweets!).

    Merry Christmas Lori!
    .-= Alisa Fleming´s last blog ..Grain-Free- Nut-Free Snickerdoodles =-.

  2. Yum! The latte sounds so good! I wish I had a Whole Foods that close so I could get rice lattes too! I don’t even think the closest Whole Foods (Indianapolis) has a coffee bar. πŸ™

    Maybe one day I can come to San Fran and we can be workout buddies! I just might be going to Oregon State for college…it’s only a 9 hour drive. Ha! Plane tickets might not be too expensive, though. πŸ™‚
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..time deliciousness =-.

  3. sitting at home and dreaming of going to school somewhere else isnt working for me, what S working is actually making plans for me to do what it is i dream of doing. i finally said enough is enough and decided to plan for college in Toronto. its time i go from the west to the east coast like ive dreamed, and not let anything hold me back. hopefully i see mr and mrs claus too on the way haha <3

  4. What a kickass compliment! One time years ago when I had pink hair, a man in his 70s or so approached me in the grocery store and said, “I never thought I’d tell a girl with pink hair that she was beautiful, but you’re BEAUTIFUL!” I’ll never forget that! πŸ™‚
    .-= Christin@purplebirdblog´s last blog ..Holy Sea Cow! =-.

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