What’s Running Lori: Raw Kale Salad

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I’m currently lovin’ on kale.

Kale salads just make my day.

Sadly, yes a salad just makes my day.

Loaded with plant protein, full of zesty, mouthwatering flavor, and spiked with nutrients, welcome a little kale into your life. Trust me, it’ll make you feel good. And hopefully just a bit more healthy during the holidays. 😉

In this recipe I’ve added Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. This is a no table salt added flavor enhancer. It’s a liquid protein concentrate that is derived from soybeans and is simply essential and non-essential amino acids.

I add this secret ingredient to everything for two reasons. One, it’s a salt-replacer that you can add to any recipe, as it acts and taste similar to salt as it enhances the flavor of foods. Two, add this to your foods and taste an outrageously wonderful difference. Flavors will pop. Lately I’ve been adding it to all of my meat dishes, veggie scrambles, and salads just to kick them up a notch.

Speaking of kale, anyone else’s garden exploding with kale? So happy!


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  2. yay for love of kale!!! girl you know we love it 🙂
    I am waiting for the day till I can grow it myself!

  3. Braggs is NOT healthy. It contains MSG. Check out this website and you will see.. http://www.essentialoilcookbook.com/html/fascinating-braggs.htm. Low-sodium tamari or coconut aminos are a much healthier option.

    1. I’m not sure where you got this information but I thank you for sharing. Actually, Braggs is made from ONLY soybeans… there is no MSG included in the process…

  4. This is the first year I didn’t grow kale in my garden, but I did buy a “salad bowl” from teh campus greenhouse that has kale in it. Soon, baby.

    Okay, I’m reading your comment above….you lived off the salad bar in college? Man, we were so different. I lived off junk food. Literally.

    1. Katie, I was greatly into the whole eating disorder trend in college… although I binged on Cold Stone whenever possible. Oh those were the skinny days… lol

    1. Oh I remember dorm life… NO healthy foods to speak of. I lived off of the salad bar at the all-you-can-eat dining hall.

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