The Kitchen Is My Palette. The Crock-pot Is My Art.

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As much as I value my bounty of time spent in the kitchen creating glamorous meals, I enjoy not cooking or creating once in a while. Like on Thanksgiving, when I let my family cook for me. Or when there are enough leftovers not to worry about making something new. Or when I pull out the ‘ole crock-pot.

I have to say, the convenience factor of the crock-pot wins me over each time I use it. Someone really was on to something when they came up with “Set it, and forget it!” And that’s exactly why I love the crock-pot.

And then there is always the versatility of what can be made in this cooker. I am now a believer that you can make anything your little heart desires in a slow cooker (even desserts! My oh my!). Everything, from BBQ Cola Pulled Pork, chilis, stews, and even tried Crock-pot Mulled Wine! If you have never had mulled wine before, I highly suggest you make this. You will not be sorry, especially since it makes the entire house smell like a sweetlyspiceddeliciousamazingwonderfulness of Christmas-come-early.

Anyway, the point I’m getting at is that if you’re a lover of easy, delicious, maybe even scrumptious meals and you’re lacking time, energy, or artistic ability (yes, the kitchen is my palate…), then pull out your underutilized crock-pot and load it up.


Although the finished product is not necessarily as pretty as the starting spices, mustard, and onions, it’s still art, nonetheless. And easy art at that. Easy as pie.

Hmmm… I wonder if crock-pot pie is out there…

Next up: Why I love California (and its glorious sun at the end of November).

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  1. I love my crockpot! Although, I leave for work at like 8 and don’t get home till like 9 from the gym, so my food would ruined… and ideas?

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