(Avocado Coconut) Cowboy Cookies

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I know what you’re thinking… Avocado? Cowboy? What on Earth?

You know what I’m thinking… Ah, the weirder the better. 🙂

And I can assure you and me both that these cookies rock. They’re light, fluffy, gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, lowish carb, and yummy. They are cookies, of course they are yummy. I wouldn’t make a cookie that wasn’t… or at least I wouldn’t post it, as sometimes even Lori’s produce sub-par baked goods.

But not these! These are good. And I have been enjoying them as a mid-morning snack just about every day. Guilt-free, mind you. Yup, they have chocolate chips in them, but that just adds to the complexity of my snacking. 😉

Don’t you just love how I make up random babble??

Why I used these ingredients:

Avocado: Avocado was used in replace of added oils or fat. The natural, healthy fat in the avocados acts to moisten the cookie and give it a buttery texture and taste.

Banana: Bananas act as a binder, helping the batter stick together. They keep the cookie nice and moist, and give them a slightly sweeter taste without adding tons of sugar.

Coconut: Healthy fats, again! And a bit of a crunch factor. If coconut doesn’t float your boat, feel free to leave these out, if you wish.

Sea salt: Delish! Don’t forget to add salt to your baked goods. Salt, sea salt in particular, adds minerals and enhances the flavor of foods. Salt and make or break a recipe or dish. Don’t be afraid to use salt- if you’re not eating processed foods, you’re not going to consume too much sodium.

Apple cider vinegar: This helps the cookies become fluffy when baking gluten-free baked goods. Don’t ask me why…

Honey: Because it’s yummy, adds complexity, and isn’t process, white sugar. You may sub with any sweetener you’d like.

Cowboy: Because I created these cookies based off of a recipe for Cowboy Cookies from Gluten Free By Nature. She has some crazy-great recipes.


 Yummy. 🙂

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  1. How would you recommend storing these cookies? They are yummy,and super moist,kinda so that they fall apart when you eat them

  2. A teaspoon of salt is way too much. Totally spoiled and waste of expensive ingredients.
    Are you sure its a teaspoon? and not a pinch.
    And I do know the difference between a tea spoon and a table spoon.

    1. Apologies! I am changing the salt amount to 1/4-1/2 tsp salt. I agree, that’s probably WAY too much. I probably mis-wrote that amount on the ingredient list. I’m glad you saw that but SO sorry that you made these with the incorrect amount.

  3. WOW!! I made the cookies as listed, but used a mixer before I added the coconut and choc. chips.. They are SO YUMMY!! I haven’t had a Paleo or even a GF baked good this yummy yet (and I’ve had a lot!!!) Great job!!!! I don’t think these will last long! 🙂

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