Honeydew Mint Green Juice

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My mom recently alerted me to the fact that she is going to juice. Juice greens, that is.

She bought herself a fancy new Breville juicer, of which I’m incredibly jealous (and may or may not steal if I find out she isn’t using it). Whether she knows it or not, those are highly coveted juicers in the green juice world and slightly expensive- but good!

Anyway, my mom asked me for a few recipes that she could try out.

Then my friend at work got a juicer for her family. Again, I was asked for juicing recommendations.

Then another friend asked me if I had recipes for juices that I would be willing to share.

Was there a sale on juicers that I was just not aware of…?

Back to the recipes- Of course I sent everyone to my blog but being that I don’t have that many juice recipes, I’m now going to try to make it a point to share more. You know, because I’ve been blogging so much lately. (If you once regularly read my blog, you know this is a lie. Work comes first, people. Sorry!)

Mission 1: Juice More

Mission 2: Post more [juice recipes]

Starting with this jewel of a recipe: Honeydew Mint Green Juice.

Just the name makes me somehow more peaceful and serene. And it’s ultra-refreshing!

Taste summer… And feel vibrant! (And more recipes at the bottom of this post!)


I had never juiced melon before and it is fabulously refreshing. It was new to me… what fruits and/or vegetables are new to you for juicing?

This post is for you, Mom!

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  1. I do not have a juicer right now but I love to make smoothies with melons. I do not combine them with other veggies (melons alone are best) but I do add in herbs. My favorite one is Cantaloupe + Basil + Mint.

  2. I’ve done green smoothies but I’ve never done a green juice … I may have to start now!

  3. Too busy to blog is never a bad thing – though I’ve missed you!

    I must confess, not a juice fan – those wheatgrass shots were enough for me! But I love the idea of this flavor combo in a thicker smoothie

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