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Before any other reading, I want to note that this program is tailored specifically to me, my body, and the changes I need to make to compete. Please take this into account when reading over this workout routine. Always consult a physician before starting any routine for yourself.

Weight training is by far the best way to get your body competition ready, whether you’re training for a competition or not. And no, you will NOT get bulky. Trust me. It takes a lot time, a lot of HARD work, and many calories to gain a significant amount of muscle. Getting bulky from weights would be a blessing if it came easier!

Here is my sample guide to Bikini Competition Training. This is a glimpse into what I’m doing for weight training, although my workouts do vary slightly depending on the day and what my trainer wants to focus on during each session, etc.

I am doing a lot of steady state cardio for this competition prep. I’m not a huge fan of cardio but I do trust my trainer- and for now, he’s having me strip as much fat as possible… so cardio it is.

If I had to prescribe training for others to lose weight, I would recommend doing MORE weights, less cardio, so if you had to pick one, stick with the weights. (Just my humble opinion)

Remember, I’m trying to build up my glutes and hamstrings so I have at least 2 days where I’m really focusing on those muscle groups. This will always vary person to person depending on what body parts you’re trying to develop. If you have weak biceps, for example, you might replace a leg workout with another variation of a bicep workout (just not back to back days of biceps).



  • AM 40 min Cardio
  • PM Legs (heavy glutes and hamstring focus)
  • 40 min Cardio


  • AM 40 min Cardio
  • PM Back/Lat/Shoulders
  • 40 min Cardio


  • AM 40 min Cardio
  • PM Legs (circuit glutes and hamstring focus)
  • 40 min Cardio (optional)


  • AM 40 min Cardio
  • PM Bicep/Tricep
  • 40 min Cardio


  • AM 40 min Cardio
  • PM 30 min MMA HIIT workout or 40 min Cardio (optional)


  • AM 30 min MMA HIIT workout
  • PM REST or 30-40 min HIIT focus – back, chest, legs


  • AM 40 min Cardio
  • PM 40 min Cardio (optional)

Right now I’m doing 4 days a week of double days cardio (I know!) and then 3 days I do only one round of cardio. It’s much more cardio than I expected but I’m doing it for a short time since my coach/trainer is my #1 leader for now. I’m following that leader for my bikini competition. Most of my cardio is steady state and pretty slow..

For most people I would really recommend doing 4-6 days a week of high intensity, shorter bouts of cardio. Tabata training is awesome and then 20 minutes of hard intense bursts are great- both target fat loss… better than steady state cardio to boost metabolism and get your fat-burning body into gear.


–> ” indicates right into the next exercise, no rest

Legs/Hams/Glutes (Heavy):

  • 3 X 15-20 Lying Leg Curl
  • 3 X 25 Abductors
  • 4 X 15-20 Leg Press
  • 4 X 12-20 Smith Squats
  • 3 X 15-20 Smith Bar Lunges
  • 3 X 15-20 Stiff Leg Deadlift DB or BB

Shoulders & Lats:

  • 3 X 15 Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise –> Dumbbell Shoulder Press
  • 3 X 15 DB Front Raise –> EZ-Bar Upright Rows (wide grip)
  • 7 X 15-20 (30 sec rest between sets) Standing Lat Straight Arm Pull Down
  • 3 X 15 Lat pull Down –> Machine Rows

Legs/Hams/Glutes Circuit: *Complete full circuit before repeating exercise

  • 3 X 15 Single Leg Kick Backs (15 each leg)
  • 3 X 15 Barbell Wide Stance Squats
  • 3 X 30 total Walking Lunges
  • 3 X 15 β€œGlute-Master” (15 each leg)
  • 3 X 15 Courtesy Side-to-Side Lunge (with DB)

Bicep/Triceps/Lats: 3 X 15 for all

  • Barbell Bicep Curls –> Standing Reverse Grip Tricep Pull Downs –> Dumbbell Curls
  • Cable Curls (light weight) –> Seated Lat Pull Down –> Incline DB Curls
  • Skull Crushers –> Tricep Rope Pull Down –> DB One Arm Row OR BB Reverse Grip Row 

Weighted Abs: *Circuit, 3 X 15

  •  Decline Sit-Ups (weighted with plate or unweighted)
  • Captain’s Chair Knee-Ups (15 lb DB between feet)
  • Cable Bends

I have to mention that consistency is KEY. You have to continually make an effort and push harder to see results. One-off, once a week, exercises won’t make changes to your body or life. Stick with a program for a while and see changes happen. πŸ™‚

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What workouts are YOU doing?

What workouts do you enjoy doing or love? 

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  1. You need to eat more, this a plan I used to get ready for each of my events it works amazing Get A Shredded Body By The Fit Boss

  2. Hey there what type of cardio did you do you mention it was slow and steady state, also any reason why no dairy. I eat clean but include greek yogurt, and I have seen a lot of no dairy with getting competition ready, wondering if you know the reason for that?

    1. I didn’t do much ab work. But when I did, I’d always do weighted ab work. It’s really more about diet and lifting in general, than targeting with ab work… if that makes sense.

  3. Hi! Thanks for sharing your workout plan. You look great! Do you do your am cardio before you eat anything?

    1. I did fasted cardio first thing in the morning. I had to be at work most days BY 7:30 am so waking up, working out, then eating wasn’t a big deal.. hope this helps!

  4. Turquoise's NEW journal: rants and raves of gelatin and law school - Page 62 | Mark's Daily Apple Health and Fitness Forum page 62 says:

    […] Lori's Bikini Competition Training Program | What Runs Lori Someone help me critique this… as in help me tweak it for me. I know it's too much cardio and I plan on doing more hours of slow moving (I already try to get in about 6 hours on treadmill + elliptical just walking, I walk everywhere because it is NYC, and I stand on the subway when I can). I am lifting 3 times a week at the moment. I AM SO BLOODY TIRED OF DEBATING HOW MANY REPS TO DO. There's that camp of thought that ladies should do 15 reps for "lean" muscles and the camp that tells me 5 or less reps for my goals… bah. someone explain? End rant. I need to look hot by summer kthxbai. New journal AQUI… where we chat, cuss, and post offensive stuff. Gelatin/bone broth recipes blog. Professional Style Digital Magazine Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future. – Coco Chanel Reply With Quote […]

  5. When do you incorporate chest exercises?
    And do you increase or decrease weight for each set? Or does it stay the same for every set?
    Thanks !!! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Natalie,

      With Bikini Competition Training I did not have chest in the mix of exercises, besides one-off dumbbell bench press sets.. chest ins’t a big proponent for Bikini. Each competition (bikini, figure, physique, bodybuilding) all have different areas of focus. Bikini just isn’t “concerned” with upper body.. lower body is the focus and having a great stage presence. It’s an interesting world… πŸ˜‰

  6. How long do you typically spend on each weightlifting portion of your daily workouts?
    Thanks for the guidance!

    1. Hi Karina,

      My lifting routines usually last about an hour. I do 10 minutes of cardio for a warm up and then get into my lifting. They’re long but I enjoy them. πŸ™‚

  7. Amazing! Right now, I’m on no workout, but need one! This is very inspiring – and I REALLY appreciate you sharing your diet and workout – it breaks it down realistically. Hoping to get back on it in a week!

  8. Very nice Lori! I just started a muscle/mass gain program that will also hopefully allow me to keep some athleticism.
    Are you doing any chest work? Or is that part of the saturday workout? And just curious, what are you doing for your cardio?

    When is the show??

  9. I just do whatever I like to to that day πŸ™‚ I do strenght workouts with different fokus

  10. Lori, you are incredibly dedicated and the hard work is showing! I really hope you enjoy the comp prep, and then your stage time. I know exactly what you are going through with this process, good and bad, so feel free to chat if you want πŸ˜‰

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