Spicy Chipotle Bacon Turkey Burgers

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Paleo Bacon Burgers

In my mind, there’s nothing better than spending time in the kitchen..

My blog, What Runs Lori, has always been my baby, my work-in-progress, one love of a project, my safe haven for thoughts, ideas, recipes, and it’s been neglected for far too long. I’ve been cooking, photographing (some of my dishes) and enjoying the heck out of eating and exploring new restaurants, but sadly, I just haven’t been writing.

Paleo Bacon Burgers

And sometimes we all need a change. Big, small, humongous, change is good. Today, change happens at What Runs Lori.

For starters, the blog has been given a facelift. More responsive layout, wider look, quicker loading capabilities, and *gasp* a new post!

Recipes?! YES! That’s why you came here, right? To look at food, to find food, to eat food… well, maybe not eat food but hopefully after browsing around whatrunslori.com you’ll find a recipe that suits your fancy for kitchen creating.

Any why not start with this easy Paleo recipe? Crispy bacon, juicy turkey, spicy jalapeños, tangy chipotles- this recipe has it all and is just waiting for you to make it.




Sides to include:

Slightly tangy, Farmhoues Culture Raw Caraway Sauerkraut (SO good)

Thick cut home pickles

Juicy yellow heirloom tomatoes

Tender baby kale leaves

Drizzle of spicy Sriracha sauce


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