Paleoish Vanilla Greek Yogurt Protein Cupcakes

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Paleo Greek Yogurt Cupcakes

You know when you just NEED a good workout. One of those days when aggression has built up, desk work has gotten just too chaotic, and your exercised-induced endorphins could really use a good kick in the ass?

Well, today was that day. And today I couldn’t make it off of work in time to grab a gym class. So instead, I searched one place I knew wouldn’t let me down in the workout department…

This 20 minute, full body, tabata workout definitely did the trick. It was short but definitely lowered my stress level while amping up my calorie burn.

Paleo Greek Yogurt Cupcakes

After sweating out a few calories, I decided to put some back in with a low-sugar, but quite tasty, cupcake recipe from Purely Twins.

These were by far the easiest, quickest, and low maintenance/ingredient cupcakes I’ve ever made.

Of course, being me, I had to adjust the recipe… but only slightly.

Today’s To-Do’s: Make these quick, easy, low-maintenance Vanilla Greek Yogurt Protein Cupcakes from @whatrunslori [tweet this]

Paleo Greek Yogurt Cupcakes

Paleo Greek Yogurt Cupcakes

What cupcake recipes have you been loving lately?

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