Toast! The San Francisco Treat

Posted byLori Posted onJuly 21, 2016 Comments0

I live near San Francisco, California, the hub of pure hipsterism.

Living near this unique and wonderful city, I’m often in awe of the things that emerge from this little-big city.

From outstanding coffee shops, happy hours, crazy bars, and delicious dining experiences, one thing that I just cannot understand (but absolutely need to get in the business of) is…



Yes, toast.

It’s simple, it’s weird, it’s at a high price point, and it’s the newest thing in San Francisco right now. Most coffee establishments have a toast board featuring their artisan toast with a variety of toppings you can chose from. 

This video, although seems like a post from The Onion, is legit and sums things up quite well.

Enjoy this odd, hilarious, and enlightening video.

Side note, I actually have not partaken in the toast scene. I don’t really eat bread so when they come out with a Paleo version, I’ll be all over this one. With peanut butter on top.

Another side note, I am not full blown hipster, but I do embody the love of fine things. I also like to wear workout clothes (often) and be a hippy whenever possible.


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