Fat Burning Paleo Smoked Salmon Egg Scramble

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Paleo Salmon Scramble - whatrunslori.com

Hello lovely reader,

Today marks the midway point of 9 weeks out from my first figure competition in October! I’m feeling great and loving the results from the tiny changes in my diet. It’s amazing how much your body can change and how quickly when you cut out sugar and alcohol. 😉

That said, I’ve also cut calories some and am really watching my macronutrient ratios. While protein and fat are high, carbohydrates are set to low. Like I mentioned in a previous post, carbs make up about 10-20% of my intake, whereas protein and fat each make up about 30-40% depending on the day.

And that brings me to this recipe. 

Paleo Salmon Scramble - whatrunslori.com

This Smoked Salmon Egg Scramble is one of my favorite, favorite recipes for breakfast and dinner. It fits my macros perfectly with the high fat and protein from the salmon and eggs and contains plenty of fiber with the added veggies. This is low in carbs but the carbohydrates that do get logged are loaded with nutrition and fiber. These are the carbs I seek out – veggie carbs.

Not to mention this dish is pretty. Colorful eating is the way to go.

You can absolutely mix and match this dish, too. It’s yours to play with and play with it you should.

Have leftover chicken in the fridge? Throw that in!

Sweet potatoes just need to be eaten? Go for it!

Smoked Salmon & Aebleskivers

I’ve made this with so many variations and each time it’s a hit. The only thing you cannot leave out of this one is the smoked salmon. (see above photo for Smoked Salmon Scramble plated and with an incredible side dish of Dutch Pancakes, Aebleskivers, for when you’re not on Figure or Bikini Prep! – Absolutely incredible recipe)

It’s something about the savory, salty flavor of the salmon. Or it’s the fat. Whatever it is, make sure you’re throwing in smoked fish (any will do!) and make sure it’s a high quality one. I’ve said it before, but I get mine from Whole Foods where they smoke it in-house. It’s usually cheaper this way (still pricey but worth it) and they usually have different flavors like Extra Hot Habanero (my fave), Chili-Lime Tequila, and Mesquite. Each Whole Foods will have it’s own smoked salmon but it’s all tasty.

Smoked Salmon Egg Scramble

So, why is this a fat burning recipe? The fat, the protein, the highly nutritional veggies all play a huge role in fat loss. Fueling your body is step one in losing weight – counter-intuitive as that is, it’s true.

Eat fat to lose fat. 

Don’t believe me? The proof is everywhere.

Now that we’ve settled that, onto the recipe!

Paleo Salmon Scramble - whatrunslori.com

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