15 Minutes of Fame and Behind The Scene Interview


Last week, the local newspaper came to my house to interview me and have me make a recipe to share with readers. If you “Like” What Runs Lori on Facebook, then you may have already seen the video that published on the newspaper’s website. That’s right, they recorded me making that recipe! It was a blast being hooked up with a mini microphone and being watched by two video cameras, only to produce a step-by-step recipe.

It was a little nerve-racking and a bit weird to talk to a camera but the video ended up great and the recipe, well, it came out perfect.

Oh, and did I mention they did a HUGE spread in the paper?! Oh my. What large pictures they used… the article was great and the reporter was sure to mention this blog quite a few times (THANK YOU).

Throughout the whole process my mom recorded everything. But it was fun to recap it through someone else’s eyes. And now you get to see it, too!

Oh and you want the recipe, do you? Perhaps you even recognize the recipe. Healthy Turkey Chimichanga Savory Cupcakes take the stage on this one. I love this recipe.

Simple, quick, fun, delicious, and healthy. What more could you ask in a fun little hand-held meal?

Here is the Behind The Scene What Runs Lori interview. Enjoy this video because the whole 2 minutes took me 3 hours to edit! Geez! And it’s still not perfect but it will do.

And now, for the official 15 7 minutes and 25 seconds of fame and a Savory Cupcake recipe. (video website here)


Read the whole article (because you are my friends and you love me… right??) here.


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