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Yesterday I mentioned that I am trying out the Body By Design workout program. I’m just about done with week 2 and so far I’m loving it. But what’s not to love with exercise, right?

Body By Design is a program, and book, from Kris Gethin the Editor in Chief for Now before you tisk me and tell me that you don’t want to have a body builder’s bulky body, let me explain a few things. This program is geared toward anyone in any shape at any skill level with any goal. You can follow this guide to get into lean, sculpted shape, super buffed up muscles, or just learn how to do exercises properly (with learning how to eat healthily). Even if you’re already in great shape, this program will just give you a new routine and maybe a new way to view exercise.

For the exercise part of the program, I only lift three days a week, no more than an hour each day. The entire book program is 12 weeks long, with three different phases, each lasting different amounts of weeks. Simple enough, right? Here is what my week of exercise looks like:

Monday: 20 minutes cardio + 45 minutes weight lifting

Tuesday: 20-30 minutes cardio

Wednesday: 20 minutes cardio + 45 minutes lifting

Thursday: 20-30 minutes cardio

Friday: 20 minutes cardio + 45 minutes lifting

Saturday + Sunday: 20-30 minutes cardio

I love this schedule. With the break in between lifting days I’m not feeling like I’m living in the gym. Also, my body has a day to recuperate and regenerate from the stress of heavy weight lifting. And the cardio is short and sweet.

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So, that’s a glance at the exercise portion of the program, now it’s time for the nutrition part explained. Being that nutrition is the biggest piece of the health/weight loss/body changing puzzle, this information is key to obey.

featured veggies a la a farmers market from last weekend while wine tasting

During the next 12 weeks, I’m going to try to follow the program pretty closely. The fundamentals of the nutrition portion of the program is as follows:

  • Eat every three hours, or about six times a day
  • Eat whole foods, supplementing protein shakes only as needed
  • Portions are important (the size of each portion of the right proteins, fats, and carbohydrates)
  • Drink one gallon of water a day
  • No starchy carbs/veggies after 4 pm (or at least SUPER low amount)

I’m not going to even lie, the rules are easy. So easy they prove results. I’m just going to have to follow them to get those results- that’s where the challenge steps in.

The book obviously goes into specifics on what exactly to eat and at what portions, along with some other helpful tips on nutrition and such. I’m not posting these for the simple reason that it’s a book and they would probably like a profit, not just me divulging all their secrets. Yet…

Although, I must say, I read the entire book in about 3 hours while lying at the pool (after my pool workout, of course) and it’s incredibly motivating, well written, and just a well rounded program. If you just can’t wait for me to post more on this book, this review does a great job of summing up every aspect of the program.

I’m looking forward to letting a few more secrets of the plan slip in the next few weeks as I get more into the results. Because results will come! I’m dedicated. Yes, I’m only human and yes, I’m not going to be completing this plan perfectly, nor do I want to. I went wine tasting last weekend and will probably celebrate finishing Half Dome this Saturday (oooh!!! Info in a minute!) but for the most part, I’m motivated and ready to play with my body to design some changes.

Speaking of celebrating Half Dome- I’m haking Half Dome in Yosemite tomorrow!!!!!!! Can you tell I’m excited?

Holy Amazingness

Extremely last minute but I’m driving there tonight and heading out super early tomorrow morning. You’ll hear all about it when I return but while I’m there, I’ve got a wonderful treat to share with you! Not only you, but all the people I’m hiking with will get a taste of tomorrow’s nourishing, delicious, energizing Survival Bites.

Have you ever followed an exercise program that you found motivating and helpful?

Have you ever followed an exercise program that just plain sucked?

What is the best hike you’ve been on? Why was it the best?

Have you hiked Half Dome or anything “famous” before? I have! Remember the Grand Canyon?

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  1. I can’t wait to see how u do with the program. I can’t find the book anywhere. Is it worth ordering?

  2. awesome, that hike will be amazing! that book sounds like a pretty good program. i like programs that are realistic. books that are super strict aren’t good for me…ill follow it for a day then quit. this sounds doable-kinda like body for life. love the workout recommendations!


    um, no i’m not excited why do you ask? 😉

    lady, i’m so jealous! have a BLAST! and please takes loads of photos! it’s one of my biggest dreams to do that hike. i was supposed to this summer actually but that was a plan hatched with the ex so…clearly that’s a no go. hah. the best hike i’ve ever been on was the three and a half hour uphill trek to the top of table mountain in south africa. i still think about it. it was the most beautiful and invigorating hike of my life thus far.

    also, i can’t wait to see the results from your exercise program! i really need to start one like that!

  4. Hiking the Trinity Alps in northern California …60 miles….a fantastic trip!

  5. I am so proud of you! You are amazing! Half Dome is a killer and an unbelievable high. Any super physical accomplishment is a true high. Mine have been more memorable to me than any educatinal degree or most anything else I’ve ever done. (except having my two great girls) Are you in for a backpacking trip with your mom?

  6. ooo half dome!! im so excited for you. my friends are going next weekend and they invited me to come along but i declined =P haha maybe next time!! cant wait to hear how your climb is!

  7. This sounds like a great and fun program. I’m starting to realize that having a program can be a great motivator. Looking forward to hearing more of your journey. And lucky you on the Yosemite hike! Take pics!

  8. Body By Design sounds like a great program! I love how it’s realistic and “doable.” I look forward to hearing what you think of it!

  9. Oh how exciting, have fun this weekend! Can’t wait to hear more about the program too.

    I think the river hike up the canyon in Zion National Park is still our favorite. It isn’t about the views, but is a fantastic way to enjoy the heat of the desert in summer. You literally hike in and out of the water through a shaded canyon. Pretty and fun. Oh, and quite the workout wading through the water!

    I think Insanity just plain sucked.

  10. This sounds super awesome!! I may or may not have to go out and check this book out now 🙂 I know you will be able to stick to it, because your hardcore like that!
    Good luck with Half DOme!! Its something I have wanted to do for SO long! My daddy took me when I was younger when they didnt have as many rules and we hiked it then. But I’d love to go back and do it again!

  11. I’ve never been to Yosemite and I would love to hike Half Dome. Lucky lady, you.

    I’ve done a couple programs, yeah. 😉 Some were better than others, but I haven’t done any that truly sucked. I’m very interested to hear how this one works for you. No rest day? I imagine those 20-30 min cardio only days are HIIT style and totally kill you. I wish I liked HIIT more. SOme days though, I would rather slog through 45 min at steady state than kill it for 20 min. I know, its shorter, but it hurts. 😀

  12. Awesome! Good luck with the program!
    I’m so jealous, I’ve wanted to climb half dome for years now. Yosemite is just so dang beautiful, have fun! 🙂

  13. Good luck! I can’t wait to see the results!

    As for my half-marathon…I am doing it on the 25th of September. I am excited, nervous, and in SHOCK that I am actually going to be running 13.1 miles in just 2.5 months. I hope I do well and that I can finish without stopping along the way! That is my ONLY goal. No stopping, unless I am in PAIN.

    Tomorrow I run 6 miles. I am going to run with a group…more motivation! But, as far as I know, I don’t know ANYONE who is running the half in September. I am hoping that I have fans to support me along the way, but if not, I will still do my best because, after all, this race is for me and my own feeling of accomplishment and pride in myself! It’s a turning point for me. And, I think it will make me a stronger person in heart and mind…and well, in my body too!

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