Paleo Plum and Peach Pie

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If there’s one thing I know, it’s that scrawny guys know how to eat. Not that Larry is scrawny or anything, he just has some great recipes…

I’m also not saying he’s not strong either. He does CrossFit, ergo, he’s a powerful dude. I bet he can relate to at least one of the 10 things I’ve learned from CrossFit.

I’m also not saying that just because I have been taking away most grains from my diet that I can’t indulge when indulging needs to be done. I can. I will. I did.

I, once again, am not saying that I wouldn’t eat this perfect, plumy, peachy, Paleo pie for breakfast, alongside a glorious cup of coffee. I won’t say it because it’s not true that I didn’t. I did. And I loved each and every bite. And so will you.

Make this now! For What I Ate Wednesday, of course.



I borrowed this recipe from ScrawnyWOD‘s Cin-Ful Paleo Peach Pie. It’s delicious. I used the Paleo version of topping for the pie crust.

Once you have finished the crust, get started on the plum and peach filling:

I obviously wanted an A La Mode pie so I opted for a giant blob dollop of Greek yogurt with cinnamon sprinkled on top. Truly wonderful… on a Wednesday.

What did you eat on Wednesday?
Do you have an abundance of fruit in your hands (kitchen), too??
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  1. Yogurt isn’t paleo – made from milk , even Greek . Your recipes sound real good, printed some. Try coconut kefir – awesome , just had the strawberry. Problem with coconut milk and almond – no protein . So add additional to your meals. Will start following you.

  2. Hi Lori,
    Being that you are mainly paleo as well, what kind of salt do you use and how much daily? Also, does it give you your iodine? I am confused on this…
    Thank you!

  3. Is this “mailable”? Meaning, could you send me it? lol- glad you are getting back into eat and your crossfit workouts look beastly! I’m jealous- I wish I had time to do it all!

  4. I ate a lot of delicious basil-lemon-honey egg salad sandwiches! For breakfast and dinner. Lunch was protein smoothie and salad after a lifting workout.
    And I did have TONS of fruit, but I just finished it all! Finally!

  5. Sounds yummy. I’m not usually a fan of cooked fruit, jam, etc (and not just for philosophical reasons: for once this is a genuine taste preference)–but my husband adores that kind of stuff, and would probably really dig (into) this.

    Early yet on Wednesday here: so far, I’ve had watermelon!

  6. I got to enjoy this. thank you! I discovered the combination of the sweet peaches and the tarter plums is fabulous. Fruit: you won’t be surprised to learn that I had to dump all the plum cocktail in the refrig. make a peach and nectarine pie for tonight.

  7. I have so many godforsaken raspberries. I think this looks like a great way to use them up though… and it is Wednesday after all.

  8. OMG! this Paleo Plum and Peach Pie looks so good, yum! I ate Chocolate truffles 🙂 it was good too, but your pie look much better!

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