The Only Dip (or Baba Ganoush) You’ll Ever Need

Posted byLori Posted onJuly 28, 2011 Comments21

I cannot say enough about how truly delicious this recipe is.

It’s easy.

It’s fast.

It’s flavorful and creamy and wonderful.

It’s full of veggies. It keeps you full.

It’s just good.

Make it. Trust me.

And if you have any suggestions that would work to make this dairy free, I’m all ears eyes.


There you have it, the worlds most delicious dip, Baba Ganoush, out there.

Use for a dip for veggies, crackers, meat. Pour over eggs, meat, veggies. Spoon and eat with… a spoon.

And enjoy.

I’ve been mixing this with tuna, in my scrambled eggs, over a sweet potato, and into salads. Del-ic-i-ous.

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  1. Hey Lori, I just had to comment, since I tried a variation of your recipe. The yogurt just makes things pop!

    In my version, I added in some roasted tomatoes, lots more garlic, two teaspoons of sugar to the eggplant mixture and blended the whole thing till it was creamy and smooth. Now we can’t stop eating this sweet and tangy dip.

  2. Omg, you blew up an eggplant!? Haha! I LOVE baba ganoush! I tried it for the first time last summer and was instantly hooked. Never thought to add it to tuna…or in my case, it’d probably be more like adding tuna to my baba ganoush! Lol

    You could use a basic cashew cream sauce instead of yogurt if you want to go dairy free! I bet that would be delicious! Or maybe even with some silken tofu! Ohhh, now my wheels are turning! 😉

  3. Ok – I’ve tried to make baba ganoush (vegan style) too many times to count – and every time, it ends up down the drain! I’m thinking I might just have to get a high grade greek yogurt and give this a try – maybe that’s my problem…!? ha.

  4. Yummy! This speaks right to my comfort zone. I don’t think traditional baba ghanoush has dairy–in Israel, it’s just tahini and lemon juice with the eggplant. But I bet you could sub homemade cashew sour cream, or pureed white beans.

    I’m seriously working on my fitness right now, and wondering whether you might be interested in doing some sort of blog thing where you suggest exercises and I do them and blog about them? I haven’t figured out exactly how it might work, just a thought.

  5. i actually usually make my baba ganoush dairy free. but if you’re using the yogurt as a thickener, you could always blend in some grains/bread/tofu/beans. white northern beans would probably make it super creamy & increase the protein/fiber too!

  6. I love baba g from restaurants, but i’ve never undertaken it for myself. I think this is the recipe to change all that! thanks lori!

  7. I was just thinking about baba ganoush the other day – it has been TOO LONG since I’ve had it and I want some… perhaps I need to make it this weekend – perfect timing. my first thought about dairy free was the same as Amber – when I want something natural and dairy free I use my cashew dip / sauce. creamy and the flavor would go well with this!

  8. YUM!
    I bet some not-too-thick homemade cashew cheese could replace the yogurt!

  9. First of all, I am in love with Baba Ghanoush. [Our wedding is actually planned for next year.] Thanks for such an easy recipe…and the warning about poking holes in the eggplant…I have blown up squash more times than I would like to admit…

  10. I never add yogurt to mine, but otherwise my recipe is the same. DELICIOUS. Also, I’ve blown up eggplant too. I posted about it, but yeah. It sounded like a gun for sure!

  11. Your baba ganoush looks really good. I would have never thought to add Greek yogurt to the dip though. My version uses extra garlic and a little olive oil.

  12. diary free is the original version, leave out the joghurt, add a little water instead for right consitency

  13. first of all…OMG your eggplant blew up?! Yikes! I bought an eggplant for the first time a few days ago and want to cook it today. I have never used one before. Maybe if I chicken out of making my own recipe I will make this:) Looks good!

  14. Sound great! Now you need to start recreating the pita jungle menu. I might beg….

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