Banana Bread Fit Bites

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I’ve mentioned before that I teach at the local community college helping out with the fire cadets. I dish out a strength program to get them ready to pass their physical test for becoming fire fighters.

Some days with those fire cadets are great. We get a great workout in, we have fun, we laugh, life is good. Other days, however, they’re whiny, major complainers, they don’t listen, and they’re loud. They’re also a pretty young group of 20 guys, one girl. Needless to say, the guys (ages 19 to 25) are a little immature sometimes.

Yesterday I decided to make some goodies to reward them for all the hard work they’ve been putting into their trainings and to help refuel them after the workout. Being as sweets are my specialty (and favorite) I went with a simple recipe filled with all natural ingredients, raw nutrients, and a delicious flavor-filled combination. The perfect recipe to replenish any muscle needing energy.

Behold the Banana Bread Fit Bite. So small and dainty, even a fire cadet would eat it… or two. And then request more.

I think they liked them by the thank you’s I was given and the lack of whining that went on yesterday.

Or was that because they were given a Gag Order for the week?


Happy Friday! Hope your week flew by without any whining, complaining, and loud students. If you’re a teacher, may God bless your soul.

Have a great weekend!

What was one challenging thing you did yesterday? Or today?

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  1. Should the nuts be soaked overnight before grinding, due to phylic acid? (I’ve just recently been reading about it.)

  2. You know…it’s probably a good thing you called them fit bites instead of “banana bread balls”. I’m not sure that would have gone over well given the group’s immaturity. 😛

    They look delicious! Like larabars but in homemade bite-siized form!

  3. Thats awesome that you get to workout with the fire cadets! I want to be a volunteer firefighter sometime in my future.

    And I’m totally going to make this recipe!

  4. Those sound just yummy. Yummy enough to make me think I should make an exception to my ‘no nuts’ current rule and pop some extra flax to get over my omega-6-phobia!

    Teachers are amazing. I went to an ‘artists in schools’ academy this past weekend to learn about going into schools and teaching creative writing, and I just don’t know how they do it. And I’ll be teaching at the community college next semester–argh…

    1. Tell me more about teaching at the community college! (That’s what I’m doing- teaching at the CC for the Public Safety program).

      I have no idea how teacher do it either… Now I know exactly what I’m parents both put up with for years (because there were teachers… not that I was immature and rude to them. lol …actually I probably was)

  5. Haha that must be interesting to instruct all those young guys! These banana bread bites sound REALLY good! I love that you used golden raisins.

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