THE 30 Minute Core Killer High Intensity Interval Workout

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I’ve tried every workout under the sun and then some. Some exercises are killer, some are just so-so.

Of course, it’s different for everyone. Some people love the slow flow of gentle yoga, some people love the heart-pounding, tuck-jumps of Insanity. Neither is better than the other, and neither is right or wrong. But when you do find those great workouts, those workouts that either kill-you-so-good, or send you into Endorphin heaven, you connect with them. They become YOUR workout.

Just like High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

This type of workout is incredible for blasting fat, pumping up your stamina, sending you into sweaty overdrive, and leaving you used up and worked out (in a great way, of course!). The structure is short, sweet, and to the sweaty point. I also have to mention it isn’t done right unless it’s done INTENSELY.

30 minutes of non-stop moving and pushing… and totally core focused.

HIIT workouts can always different and always hard. Interval workout that is non-stop makes this happen. The moves are constantly changed and for even more fun, include some weights.

With this particular workout, you’re working every muscle group and then some. You’ll thank me later when you wake up the next day finding yourself sore in places you didn’t even know muscle existed – HELLO ABS!

Broken up into 10 parts so it’s completely immersive. For this workout: Start, push, and finish! And don’t forget to focus on holding that core tight through each exercise for maximum return and benefit.

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