Paleacado Cowboy Cookies

Paleo Avocado Cookies

You may remember a post by yours truly for a certain avocado-filled cookie of the Paleo variety, right?

My Avocado Coconut Cowboy Cookies made a little splash on Pinterest and with that drew comments from endearing readers.

Paleacado Cookie

One commenter, Robbin, had a great idea to try this one again and add in some variety. I liked this idea and was in need of a cookie, sooooooooooooo…………. I decided to switch up the recipe some.

Cinnamon chips were added for a completely decadent and totally unnecessary sugar boost but are SO DAMN GOOD. (tastes like pure cinnamony pumpkin pie in your mouth! I highly recommend NOT trying them.)

Paleacado Cookie

They are not your average cookie BUT they have an interesting texture with a delightful taste. If this is worth anything (and it should be) my dad loved them. My father, the man who readily consumes sugar like he’s Santa and “doesn’t like green things or healthy food” for that matter. If my dad likes them, you will too. πŸ˜‰

Paleacado Cookies


Paleacado Cookie

12 thoughts on “Paleacado Cowboy Cookies

  1. Interesting sounding recipe πŸ™‚

    I’m hesitant about cooking avocado due to the PUFAs. Won’t they break down?

  2. I’ve made similar cookies, though not with coconut flour or avocado, and I can just imagine how good these must be! I’ve never had cinnamon chips, didn’t even know about them.

  3. I love these cookies with all my heart! My spouse, however, for whom I am experimenting to find the perfect healthy baked good alternatives, despises bananas. Will it work without them? Do you know of another fruit option that will add the sugars and moisture?

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