Bikini Competition Ready Paleo Green Egg Cups

Paleo Green Egg Cups

Green eggs and ham have nothing on this one.

Although, this is green eggs and you could certainly add ham…

But if nothing else, these are absolutely delicious and even more absolutely cute.

Paleo Green Egg Cups

Plus, when you’re baking these little egg cups, they puff up like crazy, overflowing in their muffin tin and once you take them out of the oven, they deflate some (see above photo!)… making these awesome to watch (bake) and a science experiment gone really right.

Paleo Green Egg Cups

Did I mention these are high protein, moderate fat (we love fat! FAT loss loves fat!), low carb and totally on the bikini competition diet regimen. 

Some of the best and easiest things for on the go, slimming down, portion control, and a cute meal!

I’m in love…

Paleo Green Egg Cups


I tend to triple this recipe and will store extras for great grab and go!

Paleo Green Egg Cups

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