Primal Moroccan SpaghettiLess Sauce

Enough of breakfast, it’s time for dinner!

I’ve been in a serious dinner rut lately. Most of the time I just eating whatever is leftover in the fridge. I am not a routine leftover type of person. Sure, I’ll eat leftovers and enjoy them, but I love going into the kitchen and coming out with a new and creative recipe to share.

And that creativeness brought me to this:


Yep, that’s pure goodness right there.

And not a dollop less.

To save myself (and my family) from the boredom of leftovers, I threw just about everything in the fridge into pan to create a meal fit for… a Primal/Paleo eater. And wouldn’tcha know, if you’re a meatless vegan or vegetarian, this dish would ROCK with lentils! (Just add more water!)

Inspired by leftovers and a plethora of spices, I give you…


Happy Friday my little What Runs Lorians… errr, What Runners?

What Runians?



Have a great weekend! And Monday is What Runs U with some much needed and very overdue exercise prescriptions!