HAWMC: If I Had a Superpower

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

That is today’s, Day 3, HAWMC prompt for April’s writing challenge. I think this is a great question we should all ask ourselves. And here’s my simple answer…

If I had a superpower, I would fear nothing. I would be fearless.

Instead of doubting myself, stopping an idea, or running away from change, with my superpower, I would embrace it all. I would make friends with fear, take a little walk with fear, and play Follow The Leader with fear, all to accomplish anything.

And I would accomplish everything. Everything I ever set out to accomplish.

Fear would never stop me from living the life I would dream of having. With my superpowers, I could do anything my heart desired, or what my brain could come up with. I would go around the world, speaking in front of crowds, teaching others how to live, think, and be healthier. I would teach how to feel amazing, think positively, and live happily.

With my Fearless Superpowers, I would touch lives and uplift spirits. I would befriend all and share yummy, healthy food and thoughts. 😉

My superpower would allow me to make a difference in myself and everyone around me. I would work with others sharing the same ideas and positivity to breed more of this sameness. There would be less disease, less dis-ease, less suffering, sadness, illness, and negativity. More movers and shakers, less sitters and stillness. We’d all be like vodka, vermouth, and ice (and a splash of olive juice) in the giant shaker of life- Shaken not stirred. 🙂 We’d all do more and negatively care less.

I would say what I needed to say, without fear of saying the wrong thing. I would go anywhere I pleased, without fear of making the wrong decision. I would do anything and be myself without ever letting fear tell me others will think- even if they think I’m weird or different or crazy or stupid. I would be me. Only me. Because I would love me.

I do love me.

I even adore me.

A friend of mine recently wrote on The Daily Love blog, all about Feeling Free To Be Me (or him..). In this incredibly written, inspirational recollection and lesson about him speaking at the recent Hay House Conference, Michael points out that when we stop believing in ourselves and give away our power. When fear steps in and starts to cause self-doubt, negative self-consciousness flares up and takes away our authenticity.

The huge problem with giving into Fear, allowing Fear to overwhelm you with fear, is that you do lose yourself. You lose your authenticity. And you may even lose out on amazing opportunities.

I love his message and it goes seamlessly along with my superpowers. I’d say be like Mike, but you should be like you, instead. 🙂

With my superpowers, I would walk with fear. Laugh with fear. Befriend fear. And conquer fear. I wouldn’t fear.

*Imagine all you could do if you were never afraid…*

If you had a superpower, what would it be? How would you use it?